Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Chapter 2 - Operating Microscope Basics

Learn how to use your foot pedal and practice before your first case. [VIEW VIDEO]


-Ask yourself: “where will I be sitting?

  • Are you operating from a superior approach: 1) Superior is better when you may have iris trauma (tolerated better under the lid); 2) superior is best for ECCE, ICCE, trabeculectomy, and junior phaco

  • Typical phaco is from a temporal approach to avoid the brow

Proper Sequenceto adjust Equipment to your body. [VIEW VIDEO]

1) Place retrobulbar block first

2) Put assistant's eyepiece and camera on proper side of microscope

3) Push center focus and center XY position buttons on microscope (at UI same button)

4) Adjust ocular inter-pupillary distance and zero both objectives

5) Lower surgeon’s chair

6) Raise bed height to allow both feet under bed onto both pedals

  • Dominant foot – phaco pedal
  • Non dominant foot microscope footswitch
  • Take off shoes
7) Manually move microscope into focus

8) Raise surgeon chair height enough to allow surgeon to see comfortably into oculars

9) Prep and Drape



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