Sunday, December 11, 2005

acculturation rank, ACE

acculturation rank - Acculturation ranks are used to single out cultural variables that may affect the rate of aging. A study that was conducted on the Solomon Islands identified different acculturation factors:
1. Evidence of demographic change
2. Increases in adult height
3. Length and intensity of contact with Western culture
4. Religious change
5. Education
6. Availability of medical care
7. Extent of entry into cash economy
8. Adoption of European-style diets
It was found that the members of the Solomon Island community who were the most Westernized had higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels, and higher stress levels. These individuals appeared older than the individuals who were less Westernized.
Page, L. B., et al. "Antecedents of Cardiovascular Disease in Six Solomon Islands Societies." Circulation 49: 1132-1146 (1974).

ACE (Active Corps of Executives); See SCORE.


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