Sunday, January 15, 2006

divorce, children's and grandchildren's

Because divorce has become a common occurrence, many older individuals will be faced with a divorce of their children or grandchildren. Several guidelines may be helpful when dealing with a child involved in divorce. The older person should not blame him or herself for the failure of the child's marriage. During a divorce the child will need understanding. The older person should avoid giving advice or telling the child "1 told you so." What is beneficial for one couple may not be for another. Finally, the older person should never withdraw his or her moral support. Hurt people need to heal and not to be judged.
Adhering to these guidelines may be difficult. However, trying not to interfere with an adult child's life may be the best way to provide a genuinely loving and caring atmosphere.
Deedy, J. Your Aging Parents. Chicago: The Thomas More Press, 1984.


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