Sunday, January 15, 2006

grandchildren, relationships with

Relationships between grandparents and grandchildren are normally rich and rewarding, and they have been officially recognized as such in the federal FOSTER GRANDPARENTS PROGRAM. Interviews with grandchildren have been carried out in a number of studies, and these show that grandchildren look to their grandparents as a source of love, help, understanding, and friendship. Grandchildren do not expect their grandparents to spoil them, and they do not consider them old-fashioned. They do not view them as "old people" but rather as friends.
Teenagers, who might be expected to rebel against their grandparents as well as their parents, also have favorable attitudes about their grandparents. Many grandchildren believe that they should go to visit their grandparents, they want to offer them love, and they willingly help them when necessary. For their part, grandparents create an informal, easy-going relationship with grandchildren. They may even allow them privileges of disrespect that they would not have permitted to their own children, the people who have now become the parents of their grandchildren. Studies show that grandparents keep to the side as loving family members, and usually avoid interfering in the relationships between the grandchildren and their parents.
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Congratulations on a great site. I am a grandmother and have newly discovered the joy of this transgenerational relationship and how connected I feel. I blog about it quite a bit, to encourage other grandparents to stay connected. You might enjoy some of my post on
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