Sunday, January 15, 2006

hair care (scalp care)

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Shampooing should be done at least weekly. Oils build up on the scalp and may cause scalp irritation. Long, unclean hair gives one an unkept appearance. If hair is long it should be kept in a braid, bun, or cut when older individuals are confined to bed. For women not confined to bed, a regular visit to the beauty shop could become a highlight of the week or month.

Elderly women tend to have an increase in facial hair, especially on the chin and upper lip. The excess hair is very distressing to many women, and these hairs can be removed by tweezers or professionally with an electric needle. A mild bleach can be used by many women to lighten the hairs and make them less noticeable. The drug Spironolactone, which inhibits testosterone, may also be used. The usual dosage is 25 mg two times a day. Men should visit the barber shop regularly. If they are not able to be out, family members may want to purchase an inexpensive barbering kit and cut the person's hair themselves.

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