Sunday, January 15, 2006

hearing aids

The development of modern hearing aids has been a primary factor in the correction of hearing handicaps. Through the use of these devices even severe hearing losses may be helped.
There are four styles of hearing aids:
1. in-the-ear types, effective only for mild hearing loss
2. behind-the-ear types, for moderate to severe hearing loss
3. those contained in the eyeglass frames as an in-the-ear type
4. the type worn on the body
Other treatments for people with PRESBYCUSIS include auditory training, lip reading training, and external noise reduction. If the older person is involved in a job or hobby with a loud environment, ear plugs may be suggested to prevent any further hearing loss.
Cox-Gedmark, J. Coping with Physical Disability. Philadelphia: The Westiminster Press, 1982.


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