Sunday, January 15, 2006

hearing rehabilitation

Education of the person with a hearing loss, as well as the family members, is important. Many ways exist to improve communication with people who have hearing disabilities. Touching the person and then speaking directly to him or her is helpful. Speaking louder and slower is beneficial. Eliminating noises, such as the television or radio helps with participation in conversation. The telephone company can provide amplification devices that make hearing much easier on the phone. These amplified phones also are available in many public phone areas now. If hearing the phone ring is a problem, it might be helpful to have a flashing light installed. Trained dogs are now available that dash about or bark when someone is at the door or the phone rings. Help is there for the older person with a hearing loss if only he or she will acknowledge that the problem exists. Family members and friends need understanding and patience in dealing with these people.
Lester, A. D., and Lester, J. L. Understanding Aging Parents. Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1980.


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