Sunday, January 15, 2006

incontinence care

When living with incontinence, accept the fact that accidents will happen. Since incontinence is a major cause of bad odor in elderly people, every effort should be made to prevent this. The incontinent person should try to use the bathroom just before departing. Furniture and beds can be protected with water resistant pads. The incontinent person should change underwear and clothing as often as necessary, take frequent sponge baths, and use a lot of powders and deodorants. If incontinency is constant, protective liners, disposable adult pants, or a catheter may be considered. Catherization is more easily accomplished with males, since it can be worn externally.
It should be remembered incontinence is not planned or deliberate and there is never a reason for scolding. Although it is often embarrassing, if handled with discretion and patience, discomfort can be kept to a minimum.
Gillies, J. A Guide to Caring for and Coping with Aging Parents. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1981.


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