Sunday, January 15, 2006


Lifeline is a personal emergency response system that is attached to the participant's telephone. It is activated whenever help is needed by a small button worn on a chain around the participant's neck or wrist. Lifeline allows the older individual to be more independent and can prolong the ability to live alone.
When an emergency arises and the unit is activated, a call is automatically received at the Emergency Response Center (usually a designated hospital or health-care facility). Trained personnel are available at the center 24 hours a day. When the signal is received at the center, a call is placed to the home of the Lifeline participant to see what help is needed. If no answer is obtained a "responder" is called to go to the home and check on the caller. The responder is a predesignated friend or relative with access to the home of the participant. When the responder arrives contact is again made with the Emergency Response Center to implement whatever help is needed.
The Lifeline unit can still be activated
during a power failure or if the phone to which the Lifeline unit is attached is off the hook. A timer button on the unit is pushed to reset it once every 24 hours. If the timer is not reset Lifeline automatically calls and starts the emergency procedure.
There is an installation fee and monthly charges, which vary from area to area. Lifeline was begun in 1970 and is available throughout the country.
For additional information write or call:
Lifeline Systems, Inc.
#1 Arsenal Marketplace
Watertown, MA 02172
(617) 923-4141


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