Sunday, January 15, 2006

living space

As people grow older a sweeping simplification in their lives may be beneficial. Moving usually makes such a simplification easy but if the person decides to stay in the same house deliberate action may be needed.
Giving unneeded things away to friends, family, or charities may be useful. Alterations may need to be made in the home as people grow older. As vision changes, more concentrated light may become necessary for reading, and higher-wattage light bulbs may be helpful. Rugs should be secured to avoid tripping. Doors or drawers that stick may make too great a demand on the person's strength and should be repaired. If the older person has a garage, an electric door opener may be considered. Older people often need a warmer environment. Changing the thermostat may make it unbearably warm for younger people and increase the cost for energy. One solution is heavier clothing. Thermal underwear, a sweater, shawl, or a lap robe may be useful. An electric blanket may solve the problem at night and an electric heating pad to warm cold feet during the day may be helpful. If circulation is poor or sensation diminished in the feet, care should be taken not to unknowingly burn the feet with the heating pad or electric blanket.
Deedy, J. Your Aging Parents. Chicago: The Thomas More Press, 1984.


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