Sunday, January 15, 2006

mobility, home

The aged often have trouble moving around because of physical problems. Some improvements in the home can allow an older person more mobility. Grab bars and nonslip surfaces in the bathroom can be helpful to older people. Grab bars for the bathtub can be bought in many local stores and are easy to install. Safety mats can be purchased at a hardware store.
Adjusting furniture heights can also be helpful for elderly people. You can adjust a regular bed" to a height that will help the older person to get in and out easier. Elevated toilet seats and safety benches for the tub can also be bought.
Rearranging cupboards so that often-used foods, utensils, and cleaning supplies are at the front can also be helpful to an older person. Moving heavy dishes to lower and more convenient shelves can also be helpful.
Many common household items can be helpful in maximizing mobility. A child's wagon can be used to move heavy objects around the house. An office chair with wheels can help an older person move from room to room.
These are only a few of the home improvements that enable people to have more mobility.
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