Sunday, January 15, 2006

reality orientation

Reality orientation is a widely used treatment primarily for confused and disoriented hospitalized people and residents of nursing homes. When employed by staff in such facilities, the treatment involves reminding the patient of the day of the week, the name of the institution, their own names, the date, the weather, current news, and so on. While research has not convincingly demonstrated improvement in individuals subject to such treatment, visitors to institutionalized relatives and friends may find use of the technique worthwhile. Mentioning one's own name and the name of the person, referring to the season, the place, city, day of the week, date and relying on visual aids like a large wall calendar for marking off days can all be useful. Talk about current events and family occurrences supported by pictures of family members to help establish time and relationships.
Kohut, S., et al. Reality Orientation for the Elderly. Oradell, N.J.: Medical Economics Books, 1987.


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