Sunday, January 15, 2006

RNA (ribonucleic acid)

Ribonucleic acid, RNA, is found in all body cells, where it plays a critical role in translating the genetic code. There have been claims that RNA can rejuvenate old cells, improve memory and alertness, prevent wrinkling of the skin, and slow down the aging process. However, the RNA in a cell is made in that cell and can not be imported into the cell. RNA that is consumed orally is broken down by digestion. High levels of RNA in the diet can be harmful to people who have kidney disease or a hereditary predisposition to gout. The House Select Committee on Aging consultants agree that there is no scientific basis for claims that RNA can reverse aging.
Meister, K. A. "The 80's Search for the Fountain of Youth Comes Up Very Dry," in Aging, Goldstein, E. C., ed. Vol. 2, Art. 76. Boca Raton, Fl.: Social Issues Resource Series, Inc., 1981.


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