Sunday, January 15, 2006

scheduled time

When faced with living alone or with retirement, some older people may be tempted to not dress, eat, or sleep on a regular schedule.
A fairly strict daily routine has a positive effect on the health of the older person. Some continue schedules they have followed when young, but others need to make new schedules to include new needs. Exercising on a regular schedule and eating at a specific time help to assure an orderly and healthier life.
It is advisable for older people to make an effort to get out as often as possible.
Walking, shopping, beauty appointments, or even appointments with physicians all offer useful ways to get out of the house. While scheduled activity has value, it can result in sheer "busyness," so scheduling time for relaxation also makes sense.
Gillies, J. A Guide to Caring for and Coping with Aging Parents. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1981.


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