Sunday, January 15, 2006


Swimming is good exercise -- a simple, healthy way to relax that strengthens muscles-including the heart-and relieves the discomfort of back ailments and swollen joints. Even severely handicapped individuals can learn to swim and benefit from the activity. As a strenuous sport, however, swimming should be initiated or continued only with medical approval.
Opportunities for swimming activity are readily available in most American cities and towns. Health spas and the YMCA frequently offer indoor pools that allow year-round participation in swimming. There are frequent local, statewide, and regional meets for those who enjoy competitive swimming. The national meet for Masters (above the age of 25) helps make swimming one of the most popular sports for seniors, but vigorous daily training is essential to join the ranks of the master swimmers.
Gillies, J. A Guide to Caring for and Coping with Aging Parents. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1981.


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