Monday, February 12, 2007

Chapter 11: The Genetics of Glaucoma

Heredity plays an important role in most forms of glaucoma. In some types of glaucoma, such as in juvenile open angle glaucoma, disease clearly runs in families. However, the contribution of genetic factors to other types of glaucoma, such as primary open angle glaucoma, may be less obvious. Many genetic factors that are involved in the development of glaucoma are discussed in more detail below.

Section 11-A. The Genetic Basis of Glaucoma

Section 11-B. Research Methods for Studying Glaucoma Genetics

Section 11-B(1). Candidate Gene Approach to Glaucoma

Section 11-B(2). Positional Cloning Approach to Glaucoma (Linkage Analysis)

Section 11-C. The Genetics of Specific Types of Glaucoma

Section 11-C(1). Juvenile Open Angle Glaucoma

Section 11-C(2). Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

Section 11-C(3). Normal Tension Glaucoma

Section 11-C(4). Primary Congenital Glaucoma

Section 11-D. Genetic Testing for Glaucoma

Section 11-E. The Benefits of Studying Glaucoma Genetics

Section 11-F. Chapter References

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