What is microscopic lumbar discectomy? | Dr. Andrew Cash, MD Las Vegas, Nevada

By Brooke Strickland and Dr. Andrew Cash


This is a very common procedure(also known as open discectomy)  that is used to treat ruptured or herniated discs in the spine.  The surgeon will make a small incision (about 1 inch) and will remove the muscle tissue from the bone and retractors are used to hold the muscle and skin to allow the surgeon to get a clear view of the spine.  Once there is a clear view of the vertebrae, the doctor will remove the portion of the protruding disc and any other disc fragments that shouldn’t be there.  This surgery will help relieve pressure on nerve tissue and minimize pain associated with the disc issue. 

After the surgery, patients will likely feel pain but will still be encouraged to get up and walk as soon as possible.  There will also be some physical therapy required and staying mobile through light walking is important to keep mobility in your spine, while also reducing the development of scar tissue to form.

Not all patients with herniated discs are candidates for this surgery, so it’s important to talk to your doctor about the procedure to see if you can find relief with this or if non-surgical treatments will work better for you. 

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