What is post-laminectomy syndrome? | Dr. Andrew Cash, MD Las Vegas, Nevada


By Brooke Strickland and Dr. Andrew Cash


Even after back surgery is complete, you may have persistent pain.   This often depends on type of pain you had before surgery, what type of surgery you had done, and if you have had multiple operations in the same area.  But for some individuals, surgery will not reduce or eliminate pain as was expected after surgery.   Post-laminectomy syndrome is usually characterized by back or leg pain that continues after surgery which is often described as sharp, dull, or achy pain that radiates along the leg.  This is usually caused by inflammation of the nerves, joints, or other spine structures, or many times from scar tissue that has formed in the area that surgery was performed. 

If you think you have post-laminectomy syndrome, you should talk to your doctor immediately about it.  Your doctor will examine you, determine the best treatment plan, and start treatment right away.  Treatment will vary from person to person but may include physical therapy, spinal injections, steroid injections, facet blocks, or other more advanced treatments. 

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