What is a syrinx? | Dr. Andrew Cash, MD Las Vegas, Nevada

By Brooke Strickland and Dr. Andrew Cash


Around the spinal cord and brain, a watery substance called cerebrospinal fluid flows regularly to transport nutrients and remove waste.  When this fluid abnormally collects and develops inside your spinal cord to form a cyst, it’s called a syrinx.  With time, it may grow and damage the spinal cord and cause significant pain, pressure, weakness, stiffness, or numbness.  In addition, headaches can also be a symptom.

It can be caused by various medical conditions but are mainly seen in individuals that have congential disorders, especially in teens and young adults.  In addition, individuals that have tumors of the spinal cord can also develop a syrinx, as well as those that have experienced trauma to the spine.

Treatment for a syrinx really depends on the severity of it and what your symptoms are.  Many times they can correct themselves without any treatment.  Other times, your doctor will just monitor them to make sure there is no growth.  For those that experience debilitating symptoms that interfere with daily activities, surgery may be required.   Surgery will hopefully remove pressure by either draining or removing it, and help bring back normal flow of spinal fluid.

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