What are lumbar braces? | Dr. Andrew Cash, MD Las Vegas, Nevada


By Brooke Strickland and Dr. Andrew Cash


Lumbar braces are important devices that help stabilize or keep the lumbar spine immobile.  These devices are often necessary for patients that have recently undergone surgery or had a traumatic back injury. 

Lumbar braces can be either soft elastic or hard, more rigid in style.  The soft braces are primarily used to offer support to the spine for individuals that have back pain, instability, or arthritis, and can also help the person maintain proper posture.   The brace isn’t intended to be worn all the time, but instead, your doctor will recommend that it is used in tandem with other lumbar exercise programs, physical therapy, or other activities that can help bolster muscle strength. 

Hard lumbar braces are typically used after surgery, when the spine is unstable and healing, or if the spine has been fractured in an injury and needs to be completely immobile for healing purposes.  Your doctor will likely recommend that you wear the brace for a significant period of time until the spine is completely healed and ready for regular activity. 

Braces can be difficult to get used to, but in the end are good ways to help speed up the recovery process and help prevent any further damage from happening. 

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