What are coccygeal fractures? | Dr. Andrew Cash, MD Las Vegas, Nevada

By Brooke Strickland and Dr. Andrew Cash


The coccyx, otherwise known as the tailbone, is located at the base of the spine.  This bone can fracture as a result of trauma to the bone, usually by a direct blow to the tailbone, a fall, or sometimes it can be broken during childbirth or because of bone spurs.   It can be a very painful injury and your risks increase if you are elderly, female, have osteoporosis, or if you have reduced muscle mass. 

Symptoms include severe pain in the tailbone area and pain is usually made worse by sitting or by putting pressure on the area.  To diagnose a coccygeal fracture, your doctor will do a physical exam and may also order x-rays to determine the extent of damage.  To treat this type of fracture, your doctor will likely prescribe anti-inflammatory pain medications to help ease the pain and help improve mobility.  A soft “doughnut” cushion can also be used to help make sitting more comfortable. In more severe cases, injections of local anesthetics can be used for treatment of ongoing pain. Surgery is not usually necessary.

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