Meet Dr. Cash

By Brooke Strickland


Dr. Andrew Cash is a highly skilled back specialist and spine surgeon that currently practices medicine at his private practice Desert Institute of Spine Care. 

Dr. Cash trained under Dr. Robert Watkins Sr., a world-renowned spine surgeon that is known for his treatment of celebrities and athletes - professional, collegiate, or Olympians - all over the country.  Dr. Watkins came alongside Dr. Cash, sharing his tips for innovative treatment plans as well as sports-related injuries.  Through this, Dr. Cash was able to build a well-rounded base of knowledge early on in his career.   In addition, five years of training in orthopedic surgery and an outstanding education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Cash earned the tools he needed to successfully start a medical practice that now offers individualized treatment plans for patients of all ages.

Dr. Cash is known for his hands-on treatment for patients living with varying sorts of chronic back problems.  He specializes in creating treatment plans and managing pain without surgery and because of this, most of his patients get better without surgical intervention. 

Contact Dr. Cash for a consultation appointment at  His individualized treatment plans can help put you on track toward healing.

You can also view Dr. Cash's Verified Reviews at or his personal page at


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