Basic ergonomics for work & beyond | Dr. Andrew Cash, MD Las Vegas, Nevada

Following some basic ergonomic guidelines at work and during physical activity is important to circumventing back pain or injury. 

How do I make sure I maintain good posture?

If you have a desk job, it’s important to get up and stretch, walk around, or re-adjust so your muscles and joints don’t start getting stiff.  Sitting for long periods of time can cause discomfort and many times, back or leg pain, so make sure to move.  If you have a job that requires standing for long periods of time, make sure to rest for intervals of time to take some weight off your back. 

If you’re standing for extensive periods of time, make sure follow these easy tips for maintaining great posture.

-Keep your chest out and head back

-Keep your shoulders directly over the pelvis

-Place feet shoulder width apart

-Tighten core abdominal muscles

If you’re sitting for extended amounts of time, use these tips for good posture.

-Adjust your office chair so you can sit back and use the chair’s support to keep a straight back

-Don’t hunch for long periods of time

-Adjust your seat to be the right height for the desk and computer screen

If you have a job that requires a lot of heavy lifting (especially lifting that is repetitive) this can be harmful to your back.  If you can, keep all the loads you lift as close to center of gravity as possible to avoid straining muscles.  Make sure you have good leverage and lift with your legs instead of your upper body, as this can strain your back very quickly.

If you do not maintain good posture, you will put unnatural stress on your spine and over time, this has the potential to damage joints, discs, or muscles.  If you have poor posture, you’re also more likely to have chronic headaches, fatigue, or labored breathing.

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