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Back pain is common and millions of people across the world have experienced it at some point in their lives.  Many times, an injury or a simple mechanical problem in your spine will cause back pain.  But in some cases, back pain doesn’t always mean there’s a problem with your back.  There are many medical problems that can present as simple back pain.

Conditions and diseases:

-Arthritis:  Rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis can cause strong back pain

-Kidney stones:  This condition is extremely painful and can cause intense lower back pain

-Endometriosis: This medical condition in women can cause tremendous pain across the lower back

-Fibromyalgia: This condition can create aches all over the body

-Tumors, cancer, or infections: These are less common causes of back pain, but are still possible and can play a role in back pain

-Stress: Stress affects all parts of your body, but for many people, stress is manifested through clenched back, neck, or shoulder muscles, which can cause pain

If you have chronic back pain or if you have new pain in the back that seems out of the ordinary, it’s important to contact your doctor for an appointment right away.  Keep a record of your pain and when it occurs in order to give your doctor a clear picture of how the pain presents itself.

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