Unhealthy Ways to Start Your Day

By Brooke Strickland

When you wake up in the morning, you get a fresh start.  It’s a new day, a new beginning, with lots of possibilities.  For many of us, though, eating well in the morning is hard to do, so we sacrifice nutrition for convenience. 

What are some of the unhealthiest ways to start your morning?

-Sugared cereal:  You’re eating cereal. That’s good.  It’s not good though, if you’re eating cereal that’s loaded with sugar.  It’s not good either if you’re eating a healthy cereal, then sprinkling raw sugar over it either.  Starting your morning with a sugar-high will only leave you feeling deprived of energy and burnt out in a couple of hours.  Chances are, if the milk in your cereal is left with colored dye in it after you’re eating, you’re not eating anything of real nutritional value.  So instead, try introducing some hot oatmeal into your breakfast routine more often.  It’s good for you and it’s easy to add sweet things to it, like blueberries, strawberries, or a spoonful of your favorite yogurt.

 -Pastries:  Pastries are a great treat once in a while. Eating them on a regular basis is not only fattening, but a sugary start to your morning.  Replace pastries with a piece of toast with a hint of jam instead. 

-Fruit juice:  Fruit juice is high in fructose, a sugar that is easily absorbed by your body that gives you a quick energy high.  It also drops your sugar levels down really fast, so you’re left feeling lethargic.  Instead, eat a piece of fresh fruit. This will give you a good dose of fiber and natural sugars that your body can break down more easily.

-Energy bars:  They might sound good – heck, it has “energy” in it, right?  Well, think again. These energy bars are also filled with unnecessary sugars.  Unfortunately, they’re not very healthy at all.  They’re pretty much just candy bars with extra protein added into them.  Instead, make your own granola bar with raisins, dried fruit, and nuts.  

-Stress:  Yes, it’s true that some mornings you sleep in and you’re running behind. Maybe you wake up and you’re nervous about an upcoming meeting at work, or you’re stressed about getting the kids to daycare in time.  Stress in the morning is going to happen.  But making sure that you don’t start your day with anxiety and stress, day in and day out is important to keeping you happy, alert, and ready to face the day with gusto.

Starting the day anxiety-free and with healthy foods is a sure way to keep your mind sharp, your body strong, and your immune system ready to fight off anything that comes at you.

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