5 easy tips to improve your health

By Brooke Strickland

We all know the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly to maintain optimum health.  But there are other ways that you can improve your health! Some may seem glaringly obvious, but we simply overlook them.

1. Vacation time is important.  Working yourself into the ground on a daily and weekly basis is simply not good for your health.  Your body and your brain need a break.  Don’t let vacation time go unused.  Instead, use it regularly as a way to rest.  It’s true that some vacations might need to be used to spend running around trying to catch up on things at home, but try to make the majority of your vacations time away to rest, relax, and recuperate. 

2. Limit exposure to chemicals.  It seems obvious, right? But limiting exposure to chemicals, even simple things like some of your regular household cleaners will leave you healthier and whole.  Try using non-toxic cleaners found in health stores or make some of your own cleaners.

3. Drink lots of water. This is one that we can easily forget about.  But guaranteed – if you start drinking more water, you’ll feel better.  Cut out sweetened fruit juices, carbonated beverages, and that 3rd cup of daily coffee. Drink water instead and see how much better you start feeling.

4. Posture, please!  Your mom probably taught you growing up to stand or sit up straight and it’s easy to forget.  Poor posture means your breathing is more shallow and the circulation in your body isn’t flowing as great as it could be.  So when you’re at work, sit up straight in your chair while typing or try sitting on an exercise ball for part of the day. 

5. Laugh. Life doesn’t have to be so serious all of the time.  Find things that make you laugh.  Laughing can help decrease stress hormones, can help relax your muscles, and lighten your mood, giving you a better outlook on life.