Natural tips to fight acne

By Brooke Strickland

Acne is a condition that affects men and women of all ages and can be hard to live with.  It affects confidence in a lot of people and for many, scarring after acne is gone can be just as bad as still having acne.  So what are some natural ways to keep acne from affecting you?

Keep your hands away from your face:  your hands contain a lot of oils and grease and resting your hands on your face for extended periods of time every day can spread the amount of oil, germs, and dirt that goes into your pores.

Steam:  Boiling mint leaves and chamomile leaves in a pot and putting your face close to the vapor (careful not to burn yourself on the steam!) can help open your pores and keep them from developing new pimples.

Eat well:  Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and reducing your intake of greasy and oily foods is not only healthy for your whole body, but for your face as well.  Incorporating carrot juice and making sure you have enough vitamins in your diet are essential.  Increasing your zinc intake, vitamin A, and vitamin B intake can all help keep your skin clear.  In addition, talk to your doctor about other vitamin or zinc supplements that you can take can help.

Wash your face every night:  It seems like common sense, but it’s important to make sure you clean your face every night before bed, especially if you wear makeup.  Washing your face with a natural cleanser and warm water can help remove your face of dirt and bacteria that can creep into your pores while you rest.

The key to a clear, healthy complexion doesn’t have to be super expensive or involve a lot of overpriced, overrated products.  It can often be prevented and minimized by making minimal lifestyle and dietary changes, which will leave you feeling better about yourself and more confident.