Walk off the weight!


By Brooke Strickland

The holidays are upon us and the delicious food of the season surrounds us.  Whether it’s at home or the office, there are sure to be tempting treats lying around. While those treats are ok to eat in moderation, filling up on them is sure to make your waistline grow. 

Need some easy ways to walk off the weight that you may have started accumulating this holiday season?  We have some simple tips to help get you moving.

When you’re on your 3rd holiday party of the week, the Christmas shopping bills are piling up, and the kids are bouncing off the walls from being cooped up inside, stress is bound to hit.  So instead of turning to the treats to cope with a stressful day or week, turn to walking.  If you can’t squeeze in a good half hour walk, try breaking it up into two 15 minute walks.  These mini walks can still get your body moving and boost your metabolism.

If you find it hard to walk or work out in the evening after you’ve put in a long day, try walking in the morning before you get ready for the day or during your lunch break at work.  Is the weather nasty outside?  Find a work out DVD and crank it up in your living room.  Even if you have zero time to exercise, just getting up and moving is important.  If you’re out grocery shopping, find the furthest parking spot from the door and trek it in.  It’s better than nothing!

Walking is good for your brain, strengthens your heart, prevents weight gain, and has even shown to help reduce type two diabetes.  It also helps strengthen your bones and can alleviate symptoms of depression. 

There isn’t a better time than now