How do I not get sick?

By Brooke Strickland

Do you know people that just don’t get sick while you always seem to catch the latest bug going around?  Well, there are some secrets to not getting sick all the time.  Some might not even be secrets, but we’ll share them anyway.

Going green:  This one is common sense.  Integrating green, leafy veggies into your daily mix of food intake is important.  These vegetables give you a natural boost of vitamins and minerals, all which are important to maintaining a strong immune system.

Vitamin D is your friend:  Making sure you have enough vitamin D is important – especially those who don’t live in an area that has a lot of natural sunlight throughout the year.  People that don’t have enough vitamin D are more prone to get respiratory infections and in general a lack in vitamin D can mean poor bone growth and in general a weakened immune system.

Reducing stress:  Stress, day in and day out, is hard on your body.  Find ways to relax on a daily basis.  After a long day at work, make time to sit back and unwind – physically and mentally. 

Green tea:  Drinking green tea, because of the high amount of antioxidants it contains, can help keep your immune system and your cardiovascular system strong.

Stay social:  Hibernating and keeping yourself away from friends or loved ones is not healthy emotionally and can take a toll physically on you as well.  Stay social and keep yourself in the presence of loved ones that care about you.  This is good for your overall wellbeing. 

Reduce your risk of bacteria: This is also common sense, but washing your hands (and the rest of your body with a regular shower) will help wash infectious bacteria away.  In addition, make sure to wash any vegetables or other foods that have potentially come into contact with bacteria and sterilize shared surfaces like doorknobs, phones, or light switches to keep bacteria from spreading.

Keep active:  In the colder winter months, it might be harder to keep active.  The weather isn’t as great and it might be hard to get motivated.  But this is no excuse!  Keep moving and keep active.  This, in addition to the above tactics is a recipe for healthy living!


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