What are the signs of a weak immune system?

By Brooke Strickland


Our immune systems are vital to healthy, active living.  It wards off illnesses and other potential harmful agents from our body, so keeping your immune system strong is extremely important.

Are you wondering if you have a weakened immune system?  These signs and symptoms will point out a weak immune system. 

Infections:  Fungal or bacterial infections as well as allergic reactions to things – especially those that are recurring - can point to a weak immune system. 

Constant fatigue and lethargy: this can point to a weakened immune system.  Your body will only feel energized when the immune system is strong, healthy, and fighting off harm

Depression:  this can be caused from a number of imbalances, but a low immunity disorder may be one of the reasons for depression

Too much sugar intake: Eating too much sugar, such as candy, pop, or other artificially sweetened foods/drinks can weaken the body’s ability to kill bacteria

Excess weight:  Having extra weight is not good for your heart, brain, other vital organs, and to no surprise, your immune system.

High stress levels: When your body is stressed, your body is naturally weakened.

So how do you keep your immune system at top operating capacity? Control your stress by finding time to relax, spend time for yourself, and unwind.  In addition, making time for a solid exercise routine will keep your immune system (and the rest of your body) in tip top shape.  And last but not least, cutting out extra sugar and eating a lot of healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables will benefit. 

Taking care of your immune system is the best way to start living a healthier life.  Your body is worth it!