At-home exercises that burn calories

By Brooke Strickland


Gym memberships can be expensive and many times they go unused because after a long day, sometimes people just want to be home, not at a gym full of perspiring people.  And, on the weekends, going to the gym requires time dedication that some people just aren’t willing to give up. 

So, what are some ways that you can exercise at home (or close to home) without big, bulky equipment?

Walking:  This one is pretty obvious, but it’s a great way to burn calories and shed some extra pounds. If the weather is nice, it’s great to get outside and take a walk.  If it isn’t a nice day outside, that’s ok, you can still get a lot of walking in while you’re inside the house.  Buy a pedometer and set a goal for yourself.  Do all of your chores and household duties around the house with the pedometer and see how many steps you can take in a day.  If you have a flight of stairs, go up and down the stairs a few extra times so you can get more aerobic exercise in.

Pushups and jumping jacks:  Jumping jacks might give you flashbacks of gym class in junior high, but they’re a good cardio workout.  Do 10 or 15 in the morning and 10 or 15 at night on a regular basis.  Pushups are hard, so you might need to start slowly on these, but these are great for building muscle and burning calories.  Start on your knees if you have to or you can also do some standing against a wall and pushing back.

Sit-ups: If you’re out of shape, these might be difficult, but as long as you are flexing your core and you feel the muscles working in your abdominal region, you’re burning calories and building stronger muscles. So even if you just start out at five sit ups a day, that’s ok! Just slowly work your way up to more and you’ll be on the road to a flatter stomach.

Jog, jog, jog:  Want to catch up on your latest shows?  Grab some supportive shoes, turn on the TV, and run in place while you’re watching TV.  Or, if TV isn’t your thing, turn on some upbeat music and start jogging in place.

The goal: keeping active.  You don’t have to pay huge money in membership fees to gyms that you might not use consistently.  Instead, focus on getting active in your own home – you’ll be more comfortable and you’ll be more likely to stay focused.