Monday, May 22, 2006

Table of Contents & Index

Essential Optics Review for the Boards
7" x 10", Softcover Book, 148 pages, Copyright 2006
Mark Wilkinson, OD
Edited by Andrew Doan, MD, PhD

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  1. Light: Nature, History, and Movement

  2. Vergence

  3. Lens Systems

  4. Simple Lens Formula

  5. Depth of Focus

  6. Depth of Field

  7. Multiple Lens Systems

  8. Lens Effectivity

  9. Focal Points

  10. Ray Tracings – Lenses

  11. Optical Media and Indices of Refraction

  12. Snell’s Law of Refraction

  13. Apparent Thickness Formula

  14. Law of Reflection and Critical Angle

  15. Mirrors

  16. Ray Tracings – Mirrors

  17. Prisms: Prism Diopters

  18. Prentice’s Rule

  19. Lenses: Surface type, Cylindrical Optics, Astigmatism Types, Astigmatism of Oblique Incidence, Interval/Conoid of Sturm, Spherical Equivalent, Power Transposition, and Base Curves

  20. Aberrations: Chromatic, Chromatic dispersion, Monochromatic, Spherical, Aperture size, Coma, Aplanatic Systems, Curvature of Field, and Distortion

  21. Schematic Eye

  22. Refractive/Axial Myopia and Hyperopia

  23. Knapp’s Law

  24. Far Point of the Eye

  25. Near Point of the Eye

  26. Accommodation: Amplitude, Range, Resting level, Measuring, Push up test, Prince rule, and Spherical Lens test Page

  27. Magnification: Relative distance, Relative size, Angular, Basics, Transverse/Linear, Axial, Effective, Rated, Conventional, Magnification Ratings, and Determining Needed Magnification Page

  28. Telescopes: Keplerian and Galilean

  29. Aniseikonia: Cylindrical Corrections

  30. Multifocal Design: Image jump and Image displacement

  31. Types of Visual Acuity Testing: Minimum Visible Acuity, Minimum Perceptible Acuity, Minimum Separable Acuity, Vernier Acuity, Minimum Legible Acuity, Snellen Acuity

  32. Contrast Sensitivity Testing

  33. Jackson Cross Cylinder

  34. Duochrome test

  35. Night Myopia

  36. Ring Scotoma

  37. Lens Maker Equation

  38. IOL Power Computation (SRK Formula)

  39. Instruments: Lens Clock, Lensometer, Ophthalmoscopes-Direct/Indirect, Keratometer, Gonioscope, and Retinoscope

  40. Miscellaneous: Lens Tilt

  41. Formulas at a glance

  42. Bibliography


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