Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Refracting/Retinoscopy Simulator

Purchase the CD-ROM and learn how to refract and perform retinoscopy on the BEST simulator available.

  • Learn to refract on virtual patients.
  • Sharpen your skills with clinical scenarios.
  • Practice with PLUS or MINUS cylinder photoropters.
  • Refine your retinoscopy skills.
  • This is the best virtual simulator available.

    • Screenshot of the Refraction and Retinoscopy Simulator
      included on the CD-ROM

      Purchase the Refraction/Retinoscopy Simulator and Tutorial on CD-ROM, it is great for training and receive the bonus Refraction and Retinoscopy Simulator! $54.95 BUY NOW


While every attempt has been made to make this refractor as intuitive as possible, there are some things that will probably require some explanation.

As you scroll your mouse over the refractor, you'll see blue highlights suddenly appear and disappear over the various wheels and dials. These highlights indicate that you can click the mouse button and manipulate that control. For most dials, a simple click will spin the wheel or dial. The one exception is the cylinder axis dial. To turn this, go to one of the circles that appears when you roll the mouse over that control, press and hold down the mouse button, and "drag" the axis wherever you want it.

To find out what the patient is able to see, press the "read the chart" button underneath the eye chart. To ask the patient which choice they prefer while refracting, press the "one" key on your keyboard, make the desired change on the phoropter, then press the "two" key. The patient will respond with what they prefer.

In an effort to make a whole refractor fit on smaller computer screens, the image can be a little small, especially for you presbyopes. You can zoom in on half the phoropter by pressing the blue "R" and "L" buttons at the top of the screen. However, keep in mind that just because you can't see one of the patient's eyes DOESN'T MEAN IT'S OCCLUDED. When you're "zoomed in" on one eye you can use the up or down arrows on your keyboard to turn the axis wheel. To see the whole refractor again simply press the "R" or "L" button.

The newest feature is retinoscopy. By pressing the "ScopeOD" or "ScopeOS" buttons you will see a retinoscopy streak. You can control the orientation of this streak by turning the "wheel" under the streak, and, of course, you can use your observations to adjust the power in the refractor. Bear in mind that the retinoscope is being held at 50cm and NO ADJUSTMENT IS MADE TO THE REFRACTOR TO COMPENSATE FOR THIS.


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