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Daniel J. van Ingen, Psy.D




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Daniel J. van Ingen (Psy.D., University of St. Thomas) is co-founder and president of Parenting Doctors and a clinical psychologist in Sarasota, FL. He has been dubbed the Sarasota Parenting Doctor for his work with families. He is a published scholar in the areas of anxiety, disabilities, and parenting. He is a national speaker and author of Anxiety Disorders Made Simple: Treatment Approaches to Overcome Fear and Build Resiliency. Contact him for your event or workshop as a speaker.

He is the author of the book, "You Are Your Child’s Best Psychologist: 7 Keys to Excellence in Parenting"

“You hold in your hand a very remarkable thing, something for which parents have always yearned: a how-to manual for raising children that are happy, independent and productive!” - Ted L Meyer, MD, FAAP, prominent pediatrician in Sarasota, Florida 

“You are Your Child’s Best Psychologist is a must read for anyone who is raising or works with children!”  - John M. Tauer, Ph.D., youth sports expert, 2-time college basketball division III national champion & national coach of the year 

 “Dr. van Ingen has done it again! - Jameson C Lontz, Ph.D., renown neuropsychologist in the Northwest 

Take a deep breath and relax. There is no such thing as a perfect parent. But, every parent can sharpen their skills. Dr. Daniel van Ingen unlocks the secrets to successful parenting one researched-backed strategy at a time. Starting with Chapter 1, you’ll be able to implement these strategies in your home, today. Always practical, this parenting guide contains the easy-to-implement Words of Wisdom, Steps for Taking Action, and Reflection Exercises. In these pages, you will find specific and concrete tips for tackling virtually every important parenting problem. 


1) Conceptualize and Implement 7 keys that will make a profound difference in your parenting. 

2) Execute the 6 steps to helping your child become unafraid of embarrassment, which has quickly become an epidemic. 

3) Reinforce boldness with the four-levels of communication, growth mindsets, and optimism. 

4) Apply the five steps to raising your child’s internal locus of control with change talk and goal setting while implementing the cutting-edge family dinner discussions for raising optimal visionaries. 

5) Equip your children as they tackle the stressors of this new generation like cyber-bullying and extreme social media with cognitive flexibility and the latest on happiness research.

"You Are Your Child’s Best Psychologist: 7 Keys to Excellence in Parenting" will be available on Amazon.com soon!

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